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We are sympathetic to original features and restore them where possible, retaining all their natural beauty and style.

Complete service

From painting one door to a whole house, we can meet all your decorating requirements. If there is any plant and equipment required, we can hire it, including scaffolding to floor sanders.

Scaffolding towers are essential to reach windows , soffits faccias, eves and any other surfaces up a height.

Sometimes full scaffold is required to safely reach awkward


Also cherry pickers which are mechanical lifts to get us to height. 

These costs will be seperate from our own.

Cheltenham and the Cotswolds


​We have recently relocated to Cheltenham and are really looking forward to putting roots down and fully embracing all the area has to offer. We have friends and family here who have been instrumental in settling us in.

















We have been fortunate with our contracts and have worked on some interesting projects mainly private, from dove cotes to victorian greenhouses.

We are happy to see things reinstated to how they once were and should be.

Taking the time to correctly prepare and treat our surfaces,

we are guarenteed an excellent finish.

Not only does this please the customer, it also gives us job satisfaction. Something we never had working for large companies with large work forces. 



Appropriate amounts of undercoat transforms the overall finish and durability.

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