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Quality is paramount as our 

business depends upon it.

It is also what sets us apart

from other decorators.

We take pride in our work.



We only use high quality products,

which in turn render high quality

standards and finishes.

We know these to be reliable

and repeat work from customers

is testament to this.


Being a team of two it is impractical for us to take on large commercial contracts, as we cannot usually complete in the specified time frame. But we certainly can take on the smaller contracts where time is more flexible.


We would certainly advise you

if we think the job / contract

is beyond our capabilities.

Although we are fully capable,

we believe in every man to his own trade.

Therefore we adhere to painting and decorating and its relative disciplines, allowing us to perform to a higher standard.

We are happy to work along side other trades, and are able to work to deadline.

In the past, we have painted many shops, offices

and small business properties, also hotel exteriors

and in this example picture, a family run pottery.


Other commercial projects have included, exterior spraying of farm buildings, empty factory units and garage internal floors

with specialized industrial paints.

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